What a day this was! The competition started with horizontal downpours of icy rain that only gave up around lunchtime, making the arenas less than ideal. All our riders came out and had a go none the less.  Our Senior Prelim team, had the worst going arenas but did very well and  were just out of the placings coming equal 7th. The Senior Open team all did brilliant tests, with fab individual placings coming 2nd.  We had two teams forward for the senior riding teams, NFPEC Black Team who had new riders to the teams, came a very respectable 4th. The NFPEC Green Team won the Riding Test teams! Finally, the pairs, who had the best of the weather, won their class with a technical but well executed test. Full results listed below. A huge thank you to the volunteers and supporters who came to help and a massive congratulations to all riders who took part, they are going to be busy bees at Lincoln!

Senior Prelim Team =7th
Natasha Davies Holybrooke Martini 12th
Jane Place Oakfield Magnum 9th
Carolyn Higgins Merrie Madhatter 19th
Sophie Albery Wayland Timberry 14th

Senior Open team 2nd
Valerie Hall Sway Molly Moon 7th
Sophie Albery  Wayland Arabesque 2nd
Stephanie Shirfield Wayland Robert Francis 4th
Sarah Goddard Hurstfield Billy Bigalo 2nd

Senior Riding Test Teams
Valerie Hall Sway Molly Moon 10th
Natasha Davies Holybrooke Martini 9th
Sophie Albery Wayland Timberry 5th
Carolyn Higgins Merrie Madhatter 4th

Jane Place Oakfield Magnum 3rd
Sophie Albery  Wayland Arabesque 9th
Stephanie Shirfield Wayland Robert Francis 1st
Sarah Goddard Hurstfield Billy Bigalo 5nd

Sarah Goddard Hurstfield Billy Bigalo  and Sophie Albery  Wayland Arabesque 1st