Breed Standard of the New Forest Pony


The upper height limit is 148 cms. There is no lower limit. All ponies should be judged equally regardless of height. They are normally shown in 2 height sections 138 cms and under (competition type A) and over 138 cms (competition height B).

New Forest ponies may be any colour except piebald, skewbald, spotted or blue eyed cream. Palomino or very light chestnut and cream ponies with dark eyes are not eligible as licensed stallions. Blue eyes are not permitted. White markings other than on the head and lower limbs: loss of, or absence of, pigment in hair or skin that is not known to have been associated solely with skin trauma is not acceptable. So, for the purposes of entry into the approved section of the Stud Book a pony shall not have any white markings behind the head, above a horizontal line level with the bony protuberance of the accessory carpal bone at the back of the knee in the forelimb, and the point of the hock in the hind limb, unless proven to be due to trauma/injury.

New Forest ponies should be of working type with substance. They should have sloping shoulders, strong quarters, plenty of flat bone, good depth of body, straight limbs and good hard round feet. The ponies are quite capable of carrying adults, while narrow enough for small children. The smaller ponies, though not up to so much weight, often show more quality.

This should be free, active and straight, but not exaggerated.

The New Forest Pony has an ideal temperament and should be very easy to train.

Ponies registered in the X Section of the Stud Book may not adhere to the Breed Standard. These ponies are not pemitted in Registered New Forest Pony classes.