M49/300 Millersford Harriett 2007

(Buckland Dragonslayer / Millersford Hannah)

Millersford Harriett, (aka Lola…or witch pony as she is fondly known!), came into our lives with a bang at 4 months old, straight from her breeder Don Dibden. We in fact helped round her and her dam up from the forest as they were missed on the drifts that year. She is a 9 year old and at 13hh is full of that typical New Forest character!

It's been far from easy with her, having had to start her late due to her mentally not being ready, then having an accident which terrified her, meaning we had to re start her in her 5th year. We spent the next few years struggling to get her to trust a rider on board, so it's amazing to finally reap the rewards of taking the time with her…to end up with my pony of a lifetime!

Lola is a fabulous pony who is bold as brass and turns her hoof to anything. We play with show jumping, cross country and showing and she is the most bomb proof little pony I've ever met…thanks to having her little time on the forest!

We are currently enjoying success in the dressage boards…having recently qualified for the Native Pony BD championship, Area Festivals and London and South East championships at Novice level, aiming on making our Elementary debut later in the year.

Our aim is to show that ponies are just as capable as the purpose bred dressage horses when they put their minds to it…even if the centre line in a 20x60 is a very long way on short legs!

Leanne Greatorex