New Forest Pony Photo Gallery

Send us your photos which may be included in the gallery, including your new foals in the stud season. We would love to have photos of NF ponies worldwide and from all disciplines showing just how versatile these wonderful ponies are.


Burnt House Lane Magic’s Lad
Knightwood Challenge © Vicky Goulding

Breed Show Supreme - Hollybrooke Melitta
© Audrey Scott-Hopkins


Furzley Faire Play © Jane Haskell
Champion New Forest Show

Brock Bronwen - NPS NF Champion
© Julian Rosset 

Lucy's Lilly - BD Success

Hollybrooke Melitta © Tammy Lovell
Supreme Champion NFPEC Show

Silverlea Scandal - A great school master

Rowdown Jackson  © Martin Ellis
Horseboarding at Nonsuch Show, Surrey

G48/313 Endymion Spangle 2006
Knightwood Challenge Qualifier
                                                       © Mark Horsford

Leith Ballad - Champion at Royal Windsor
                                                            © Lisa Murray

Aylestonepark Apple Blossom
winning XC in Australia .© Abby Pinter

Sunnydale Royal Rhum 30th.Birthday
aka Rhum Bum!      © Roy Davis

Furzley Marinaide - NPS Dressage Finals
© LRG Photography


Rushmoor Rose-Marie
Overall Forest Fed Champion 2018 
© Heidi Whetren

Burley Fiction - Top colt Stallion Grading
© Audrey Scott-Hopkins

Meltvedts Pipers Tess in a snowy Norway
© Merethe Hestvik Øverland

Knavesash Florin - Arena Eventing
© Simply Event Photos

Fidleywood Puddle Duck - Thorney Island
© Event Photography

Furzley Accolaide RIHS WHP Qualifier - Area 7
© SMB Photography

Foxcote Frankincense - Australia
© Derek O'Leary Photography

Perriland Gold Digger © Paul Nelson

Damson Bay Buttons © Ist Class Images
Part-Bred Performance Pony of the Year 2017

Rushmoor Ambleside - France © Pauline FargentPurchased as a foal from Beaulieu Road Sale
and exported to France

Willoway Talk of the Town © Sarah Bowker
Enjoying a day out with the Tanaside

Halestorm Topsy © Kirstie Burrows
"Winning the 80 and the 90 arena eventing in the snow!

Woottonheath Muztang
© Dorset Event Photography
I.of W. M&M Pony Society Annual Awards

Burley Gold Blend
'A muddy Max enjoying life age 24'

Far Above Par Photo © Tamara 
USA Dresssage Pony Champion 2018

Greencottage Legacy  © ANS Photography
Winner of Performance Pony Competition 2017

Hollybrooke Duke - Olympia qualifier 2017
© Equinational

Hollybrooke Duke - Olympia 2017
Best of Breed

Measevalley Make a Wish © Lynnette Wright
2nd.British National Foal of the Year Show

Lucky Lane Rollo  © Audrey Scott-Hopkins
Winner Cranesmoor Cup
for the Best Foals on the Forest 2017

Rodlease Tango  © Marianne Omland
Winner Haugaland Cup 2017

Brock Song 'n Dance © Julie B Photographies
Purchased as a foal from Beaulieu Road

Yewtree on High (1992 - 2017)

Linoley Labyrinth Photo © Tammy Burge
Foal Champion & Reserve Supreme
at Somerset Native Pony Show 2017

Woodrow Invictus © June Witham
In-Hand Champion at NPS Wessex Show

Crabbswood Serena
Beaulieu Road Class Winner 2016

© Audrey Scott-Hopkins

Knavesh Knight
HOYS New Forest Pony of the Year

Crabbswood Summer
Beaulieu Road Pre Show

Hollybrooke Melitta 2009
Breed Show Mare Champion
© Audrey Scott-Hopkins

Cuffnells Goldenrod
Purchased as a foal at Beaulieu Road Sale
Photo © Equinational


Wayland Timberry
BE90 Challenge Champions at Blenheim
Photo ©

Carine Poentis - Kantjes Zilton & Cupido VWorld Driving Championships
Photo © Krisztina Horvath /

Brookshill Brumby
Supreme Champion at the NF Breed Show 2017
Photo © Audrey Scott-Hopkins

Ella Clooney Samsons Scandal (rt),
Knightwood Challenge © Simon Merritt

Zara Tindall on Silverlea Salsa,
JCB Champions Challenge

© Barbury Castle

Silverlea Salsa with Aaron Coombes
and Zara Tindal
l. Photo ©David Coombes

Hurtstock Cornish Amber 
Champion New Forest Show.
Photo Credit Nick Felton

Silverlea Salsa - © Ruby Hart
Knightwood Challenge qualifier

Menkhorsterslags Sanne - Germany
© Kimberly Fehlberg

Ashley Enterprise

Sway Mister Darcy © Fotofabulous
HOYS Qualifier at Cheshire

Hurtstock Cornish Amber © Carrie Quick
HOYS Qualifier at Three Counties Show

Furzley Vanity Faire - Bath & West
© Jane Haskell

Backley Firecracker - Dinas Powis Tetrathlon
© Bridgey Allen

Aylestonepark Apple Blossom
NF Performance Pony of the Year (Australia)
© Tamara Bakker Fernbank Photography

Burgate Flint
NPS Area 24. Qualifying

Brock Bronwen - Champion Royal Windsor
© Stephanie Fitt

Willoway Free Spirit
Badminton CE90 Champion 2017
© Chloe Chubb

Meonbury Mrs McGregor - Pony Racing
© Spindletree Photography

Wayland Timberry - BE90 Larkhill
Photo © Ultimate Images

Cobra - Endurance Pony
Photo © LRG Photography

Fidleywood Falconer - Top Colt at the Grading
Photo © Audrey Scott-Hopkins

Hilltop Angelica
Forest Fed 2017 Maiden Mare Champion

Warren Trail Layer photos © Erika Dovey
See Latest News 7.4.17

Warren Trail Layer  photos © Erika Dovey

Farriers First Dream
© Spidge Photography

Idyllens Yohn    © Cornelia Larsson

Rushmore Rose-Marie
Overall Forest Fed 2017 Champion

Ashley Sultan (© Simply Event Images)

Grey Lad III   (Anita Clare)

Knavesash Knight
© LRG Photography

Hollyhatch Highflyer
© Jayphotos

Bridgelea Gay Time © Nigel Winzer

Sabina's Party Girl

Highfox Faith
© Equinational


Moonshine Bert
© Molly Peters

John & Issac Lovell 2017 P-to-P winners  
© Kerry Dovey

Marleydenes Nashaal

Marleydenes Nashaal 
© Katie Baxter

Harvey's Magic Moment  

Woodmoor Brandy Snap & Pigbush Kimber
© Sue Mallinson

Ellanore Scylla Rain
© Heikki Takala

Masseys Harlequin Jester
Photo: Nikki Mallet

Lucky Lane Wagtail 
Photo: Sara Temperley Mcmahon

Blakeswater Searcher 
© Audrey Scott-Hopkins

Ashley Sultan
Photo: Lisa Clooney

First cross  - Owlsbridge One Stab

Hilltop Professor
©Audrey Scott-Hopkins 

Hilltop Boonie
© Audrey Scott-Hopkins

Harvey’s Magic Moment
© Native Pony Magazine

Furzley Charaide
© ES Photography

Marleydenes Nashaal
© Native Pony Magazine

HOYS New Forest preliminary line-up at New Forest & Hampshire County Show 2016   
                                                                                                                                                © Julian Rosset

Wayland Royal Jester & Lovelyhill Touch Pape
© ESP Photography

Marleydenes Nashaal
HOYS Winner 2016 © ES Photography

Mallards Wood Spice
Photo: © Swingletree Photography

Winning Pairs at the Breed Show
Kilncopse Arbella  Haywards Juliette 
Photo: Ben Vesters

Foxhills Bronte with daughter Foxhills BaileyWilverley Drift
Photo: Audrey Scott-Hopkins

Haywards Loyal William
Photo: © Matt Jowell

Peronne Notorious 2010 
(Moortown Nobby / Peronne Precocious)

Brock Baccarat 1999 
(Buckland Dragonslayer / Brock Bianca)

 Pigbush Jade 2006
(Brookshill Royal / Pigbush Breeze)

Crabbswood Zizania 
(Blackwell Jonathan / Crabbswood Zafire)

Carl Hester, aged 15/16 on Stafford Malteser
(Oakley Limelight / Stafford Chocolate Box

Solranda Clarissa 2016 
(Vernons Vision by Fijal Jupiter / Solranda Caramel, grandsire Luckington Leo)

Kilncopse Tinker 2005 
(Farriers Playboy / Bakeburn Tinkerbell)

Snowberry Aton 2012
(Stackarps Pioneer by Rodlease Dancing Gold / Mary’s Emily by Wayland Cranberry)

Wayland Tayberry 
( Wayland Cranberry - Kilncopse Florin )

Bridleways Final Epic Ride

Willsummer 2013
Sörbys Lotus by Silverlea Top Hat / Wiolett Gold by Rodlease Dancing Gold)

Haras du Poët New Forest ponies
in the National Park at Baronnies, France

Clayhill Shady 2006 
(Rushmoor Playwright / Obershade Bridget)

 Knavesash Harley 2012 
(Lovelyhill Hendrix / Amarillo Soda)

Étoile d'Or
((Burley Gold Blend / Hoopee Bittersweed)

Sabinas Gold Sovereign 1994 
(Peveril Peterborough / Silverlea Danuta)

Royal Oak Youngman
 (Foxhills Statesman / Royal Oak Grey Face)

Brock Bronwen 
(Hollybrooke Tinker / Brock Baccarat

Hollyhatch Highflyer
(Farriers Fingerprint)

in the grounds of Windsor Castle

Wayland Somerley Park
(Wayland Loganberry / Selina IV)

Furzley Accolaide & NutcherscopseJonathan
(Luckington Sportaide / Sophia)
(Bakeburn Jethro / Nutcherscopse Bess)

Beaulieu Road Sales 1952

Hollybrooke Duke
(Hollybrooke Tinker / Hollybrooke Debbie)

Burley Premonition M57/045 (Fijal Jupiter / Burley Prophesy) on the left

& Burley Toy Story G57/045 (Burley Toy Soldier / Burley Posy)


M52/068 Furzley Fanfaire 2010

(Peronne Palaver / Furzley Serenaide)

S51/137 2009 Sway Mister Darcy 
(Farriers Finger Print / Moonrakers Mist)

S42/107 Brock Button Moon 1999 
(Moondragon / Brock Mermaid)

Willoway Ice Prince
(Woodrow Prince Harry / Willoway Martini)

Hummingbird 1994 
(Bakeburn Romeo / Bignal Clio)

Mallardswood Monty Photo E S Photography

Marleydenes Shiraz

Bisterne Diva

Polsbury Popov

Supreme Champion 2012

Brock Baccarat

Polsbury Pia D'Or
Polsbury Pia D'Or

Royal Oak Youngman


Hollybrooke Sparkle

Top Stud mare at Grading 2015

Rhinefield Impulse, Le Trec

Oakfield Lark

Oakfield Lark

Millersford Magnum

Wayland Loganberry

Ashfield Blackjack
Ashfield Blackjack

Ashley Corianda
Brock Abacus
Brock Abacus

Buttslawn Fantasia

Campion Night Wizard

Rushmoor Red Rock II

Broganslade Ballastiare
Buckland Dragonslayer
Buckland Dragonslayer
Burley Timelord
Burley Timelord
Willoway Paragon
Willoway Paragon
Colt Hunting
Colt Hunting
Don Stephen's Brownie of Amberslade
Don Stephen's Brownie of Amberslade
Dorridge Fiffinella
Dorridge Fiffinella
Farriers Fingerprint
Farriers Fingerprint
Farriers Field of Dreams
Farriers Field of Dreams
Haywards Guardsman
Haywards Guardsman
Hollybrooke Rambler
Hollybrooke Rambler
Knavesash Alchemist
Knavesash Alchemist
Longcopse Elton
Longcopse Elton
Lovelyhill Cranbourne Heights
Lovelyhill Cranbourne Heights
Moorcorner Minstrell II
Moorcorner Minstrell II
Obershade Skylark
Obershade Skylark
Perrone Palaver
Perrone Palaver
Peveril Pendragon
Peveril Pendragon
Peveril Peter Piper
Peveril Peter Piper
Peveril Peterborough
Peveril Peterborough
Rodlease Fantasia
Rodlease Fantasia
Sway Mister Moon
Sway Mister Moon
Wayland Cranberry
Wayland Cranberry
Willoway Pipers Gold
Willoway Pipers Gold