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Saturday and Sunday 29th & 30th January 2011

The year got off to a winning start, although we almost didn’t have a team at all.  First to go on Saturday was Tasha Smith with Wayland Crescendo however the lorry broke down on the way to the competition. The organiser was kind enough to say that if Tasha could get there for the end of the class she could still do her test.

David and Karen Albery dropped everything to rescue Tasha. David managed to get the lorry going enough to make it back to the yard where Crescendo was quickly unload and loaded onto the Albery’s lorry. They made it to the competition just in time to make the last test of the morning and finished a very creditable 4th. Huge thanks to David and Karen, without whom we would not have had a full team.

Next up was Jane Place riding Combe Jenny Wren; this was Jane’s first time on the team.  Jane made her debut for the club a winning one.

The other two team tests were on the Sunday; first on was Sophie Albery and Wayland Arabesque a young pony showing lots of promise for the teams. The pair finished a very creditable second in their class.

Last to for the team was Sarah Goddard and Hurstfield Billy Bigalo, they performed a good test but were unfortunately not placed on the day.

Well done to the team and good luck for Hartbury on Saturday 2nd April.