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Audrey Scott Hopkins and Barry Whitcher have kindly allowed us to link to their images of the point to point.

Please click on the inks below to view them:

Audrey Scott Hopkins images:

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Barry Witcher's images:

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Veterans 55 years and over on ponies not exceeding 15hh

1st Rocket Roly Bessant
2nd Storm Mike Ralphs
3rd Winston Eric Francis
4th Goffer Jim Greenwood
5th Murphy Gill Reade
6th Warren Quantock John Stride

Veterans 55 years and over on registered New Forest ponies

1st Glenbeech Chick Jimmy Haynes
2nd Kilncopse Dougal Brian Ingram
3rd Bakeburn Beatrice Angie Wilson

Children, aged 10-13 years, on New Forest ponies

1st Sturtmoor Song 'n' Dance Hannah Smith
2nd Amberslade Duke Peter Fogarty
3rd Wellow Carrots Stephanie Rymer
4th Moorbridge Peanut Luke Coutts
5th Randalls Marshmallow Isabel Mitchell
6th Sturtmoor Honeysuckle Libby House

Children, aged 14-16, on New Forest ponies (Section A)

1st Silverlea Sea Breeze II Ellie Cooper
2nd Brickfield Star Venture Georgina Crouch
3rd Tomsdown Travis Kira Dyer
4th Picket Post Peanut Natalie Green
5th Jades Tinkerbell Jade Palmer
6th Sprattsdown Hector Harriet Cartwright

Children, aged 14-16, on New Forest ponies (Section B)

1st Bakeburn Jackpot Zac Bradford
2nd Rushmoor Wayside II Georgia Prendergast
3rd Long Copse Freddy Elouise Owen
4th Longwater Spitfire Julian Pothecary
5th Paula II Amelia Adams
6th Furzley Illusion Samantha Podmore

Young Commoners on New Forest ponies (ran with the Open)

1st Cockney Rebel Lisa Theron

Open New Forest Ponies

1st Obershade Top Gun Terry Anita Smith
2nd Gotton Petrushka Karen Crouch
3rd Shine On Samantha Buck

Novice New Forest Ponies

1st Rowhill Redrock Lucinda Ingram
2nd Silverlea Salsa Kate Ingram
3rd Mockbeggar Oscar Alan Ingram
4th Herbie II Heather McNicol
5th Sabina's Gold Sovereign Heidi Whetren
6th Sprattsdown Jethro Jenny Tillyer

Ladies on ponies not exceeding 15hh

1st Cape Coast Maria Adams
2nd Star Appeal Janine Patterson
3rd Royal Oak Sparkle Chelsea Jennings
4th Fernyknap Silver Sand Charlotte Holloway
5th Waiting for Mary Sue Peters
6th Damson Bay Buttons Julie Brown

Open Ponies not exceeding 15.2hh (colthunters)

1st Yeomans Lad Tom Hordle
2nd Cracker Dean Bowen
3rd Flugle Binder Colin Moore
4th Fairfield Princess Andrew Napthine
5th Farriers Field Sport Bob Mansbridge
6th Burner Lee Mansbridge

Heavyweight, 15.2hh minimum, 15 stone minimum weight

1st Buleunn Iain Hayter
2nd Axinit Mark Adams
3rd Murphy Adam Coutts