Performance and Grading


The aim of this competition is to encourage owners of registered New Forest ponies to take part in a wider range of competitions and activities, wherever they happen to live.
“Golden Gorse Challenge Cup” presented by Mrs RM Taylor to the winner for the New Forest pony gaining the most points under saddle or in harness.
“Merrie Challenge Cup” presented by the late Mrs Sibley to the best pony ridden by the owner or child of the owner.
Special prize presented by Ann Carter for the best Junior.
“Woody Woodpecker Trophy” for the highest placed pony bred on the Forest.
“Out of Town Challenge Trophy” presented by the late Mr Jack Hargreaves for the pony gaining most points in harness.
“Lomondside Trophy” presented by the Misses Rennie for the best pony bred by the owner.
“Toby Trophy” presented by Gail Brownrigg for the most versatile pony.

Minimum 4 prizes, 6 rosettes.      Prizes will be awarded at the AGM in March.  Cash Prizes to Sixth Place.
Rosettes to the highest placed ponies in the following categories: Jumping, Dressage, WHP, Most Versatile.   Perpetual tankards to the highest placed Jumping & Dressage presented by Mrs Bonney.
When returning your score sheets please put each category on a different sheet to facilitate marking.  Please would all entrants return their score sheets as you could win a category even if you have not done well overall!
Score sheets available from the Office.

The Knightwood Part-Bred Performance Competition, open to X-Register, Part-Bred and First Cross ponies.
“The Knightwood Salver” presented by Mrs P Harvey-Richards to the winner and “The Stafford Tankard” presented by the Hon Mrs J P Baillie, is awarded to the best registered Part-Bred or First Cross New Forest Pony.  Ponies must hold passports issued by the Society, or passports which have been overstamped by the Society.  The standard score sheet is used. 

All performance sheets to be signed by a relevant judge/ official.
Two points in any two categories replaces the necessity for two points in a competition requiring the pony to jump.
Three special prizes are offered to the highest placed ponies who have not been placed in the first six places in previous years.
All entries must be fully paid up members of the Society.
All ponies must be registered New Forest ponies correctly transferred if necessary to the entrant.
Intended competitors must send entries to the Office enclosing pony’s name & reg no, rider & owner details & correct entry fee £10 by 31st May.  All score sheets must be returned to the Office by 31st December (post mark).
All ponies must be 4 yrs old or over.
Competitors may enter as many ponies as they like but each must have separate score sheets.
No pony may claim points in more then five competitions in the same category.
All ponies must be entered in their correct registered name.
Competitions will run from Jan 1st to December 31st   in the current year.
Juniors not to have attained their 18th birthday by 1st January in the current year.

The following is the scale of points that may be claimed and the type of class they may be claimed in.
Bonus points may be awarded for a) entries in show or working ponies placed in Championship staged by BSPS, Pony Clubs etc. b) picked for a team (25) or the reserve (10), give details for possible extras such as if the team was placed, c) bonus points will be awarded for versatility so enclose a list signed by the relevant officials re: hunting, PC rallies and Camp, long distance rides, disabled riding etc.  Gymkhana wins do not count and should not be claimed but if duly signed a bonus for gymkhana placings will be given. 
20 bonus points will be given for shows of county standard, 25 points for the Breed show, only to be awarded once.

2 points, or 5 points in the case of BSJA, can be claimed for being in the top quarter of ponies i.e. placed 10th in a class of 40.   But if there are very few entries in a class, points may reduced, so please fill in this column or we may not be able to credit all points claimed.  Anyone with a registered pony, anywhere, can take part.

CLICK HERE to download Performance Competition Scoring Table