Performance and Grading



For New Forest pony mares entered in the Stud Book and depastured on the open New Forest. To be judged on: type, conformation, action, and overall condition.

For mares who are 5 years old or over that have run the forest for 11 of the last 12 months unless holding a dispensation from the Council; each case to be considered on its own merits.
All mares to have had at least one foal.
All entries not to have been fed on any concentrated short feed.
All animals to be judged on the open Forest.
Owners are responsible for showing their own animals to the Judge.
The Young Commoners cup and prize money will be awarded to the highest placed mare belonging to a young commoner aged under 30 years. The mare must be registered in their own name and depastured on the forest. Those eligible to mark the entry form accordingly.
1st prize in each district - Cup and £20.00 Reserve to cup £15.00
Overall championship winner – Dale Memorial Cup and £35.00
Area Cups
Peckham Cup - winner of Robert Maton’s Area
Bessant Cup - winner of Andrew Napthine’s Area
Nancy Deed Cup - winner of Michael Lovell’s Area
Olga Golby Cup - winner of Peter Rix’s Area
Premiums of £20.00 – these score in the Elite Scheme.
Special Cups and £15.00 for each cup winnner
Pinkney Cup - Best Mare who foaled in 2012 and whose foal was weaned before Christmas
Golding Cup - Best Mare north of A31
Keppel Pulteney Cup - Best Young Commoners Mare

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2018 downloadable Forest Fed Schedule

2018 downloadable Forest Fed Entry Form


These are awarded at the stallion Show in August .  Ist, 2nd and 3rd Class Premiums are given at the discretion of the judge.  Stallions that had run the Forest during the summer are eligible to receive Premia.

Both of the above events earn points in the Forest Run Elite Scheme.